Epinutra is a science-driven innovation company. Our sights are set on the mucous membranes:  barriers in your body which are formed by epithelial cells tightly joined together. Epinutra was founded in 2019 in the Netherlands on the back of 10+ years of laboratory research.

benesco™ – our first product – was launched in 2021 and has quercetin; this compound is well-known for various biological properties (antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic) including barrier  reinforcement.  benesco™ is  the  result  of  scientific  discovery, research and development and was tested in a clinical trial (completed in July 2022). Results will be published shortly.

Epinutra - home of benesco
Epinutra - home of benesco

Meet Team Epinutra

Richard Hampson, Ph.D

Co-founder and CEO of Epinutra
  • Over 10 years experience as start-up founder.
  • Scientific group leader in biotech scale-up.
  • PhD and Postdoc research at University of London, Harvard University and King’s College London.
  • 2 granted patents, 2 ongoing applications, 16 peer-reviewed articles.

Luciana Vieira de Moraes, Ph.D

Co-founder and CSO of Epinutra

  • 20 years research experience in immunology (MSc, PhD and Postdoc).
  • Scientific lead in integrating active ingredient discovery data and pipeline design. Highly skilled at conveying scientific complexity to non-experts.
  • 1 granted patent, 2 ongoing applications, 24 peer- reviewed articles.

Albert Bredenoord, MD, Ph.D

Scientific advisor and
PI of clinical studies

  • MD, PhD, Gastroenterologist & Research Professor at Amsterdam University research Hospital (UMC).
  • Acknowledged leader in research and treatment of benign esophagus disease. His clinic hosts the largest GERD population in NL.
  • Past-President of EUREOS (European Esophagus Research Association).
  • More than 100 publications, including peer reviewed articles, book chapters and guidelines.


Will van den Tweel, Ph.D

Head of Commercial Development
  • Seasoned entrepreneur with strong innovation track record.
  • 35 years of experience in establishing and leading international innovation projects and JV’s (DSM, Reverdia, BioscienZ, Those Vegan Cowboys).
  • PhD in Biotechnology.