benesco™ FAQ

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Is benesco™ an antacid?

No. Antacids chemically neutralize stomach acid; benesco™ is a food supplement that reinforces the health of your esophagus meaning it does not target stomach acids.

Does benesco™ prevent heartburn?

The quercetin in benesco™ helps strengthen your esophagus so it can resist the acid which causes heartburn pain.

Should I take benesco™ every day?

We encourage daily intake, to give your esophagus sustained health support.

Can I have more than one lozenge per day?

Based on the amount of the ingredients in each benesco™  lozenge, there is nothing to stop you taking more than one benesco per day. Customer experience says that one lozenge a day after dinner is a good place to start, especially if heartburn is something which plagues you at bedtime.

Does benesco™ have any side effects?

No side-effects have been reported by our customers. As with everything, you don’t want to overdo it. benesco™ contains isomalt, a non-sugar sweetener derived from sugar beet. Isomalt is generally very well tolerated, but eating more than 25 grams of it, or 10 benesco™ lozenges may lead to loose stool and indigestion.

Can I use benesco™ to reduce my heartburn medication?

Always discuss this with your physician. Your doctor can request full scientific information from us.