benesco™: the tasty result of some serious science

Founders of Epinutra, Lucy (Ph.D in Immunology) and Richard (Ph.D. in Cell Biology), were hard at work with their team, testing different compounds for effectiveness. After more than 2000 they had identified a hand-full which showed promising signs of targeting biological barriers, so called epithelia. Weakened epithelia are not only common, but also linked to various long-term health conditions. One compound especially caught their attention: Quercetin. It is rich in common food sources such as apples and berries, onion and capers.

Richard and Lucy realized the potential of their discovery: food acting to reinforce epithelial barriers, backed by solid science and clinical data. As first goal they aimed at supporting heartburn sufferers. This means targeting the esophagus epithelium, often weakened in heartburn.

So they got to work: creating a lozenge that would provide esophagus health support, containing ingredients at levels only found in a healthy diet and not at unnecessarily high doses.

And just like that, benesco™ was born.

Meet Team Epinutra

Richard Hampson, Ph.D

Co-founder and CEO of Epinutra
  • Ph.D. and Post-Doctoral training in UK and USA.
  • Over 10 years of experience in translational research and commercialization.
  • Research group leader in biotechnology industry.
  • 17 peer-reviewed publications.
  • Co-inventor on two granted patents and published applications.

Luciana Vieira de Moraes, Ph.D

Co-founder and CSO of Epinutra

  • M.Sc., Ph.D. and Post-Doctoral training in Immunology.
  • Over 20 years of experience in research and integrated research management.
  • Extensive experience with preclinical disease models.
  • 24 peer-reviewed publications.

Albert Bredenoord, MD, Ph.D

Scientific advisor and
PI of clinical studies

  • Gastroenterologist & Research Professor at Academic Medical Centre (AMC), Amsterdam
  • Has been active for 10 years in the field of benign esophageal diseases.
  • His clinic hosts the largest population of patients with GERD in The Netherlands.
  • Over 100 publications including peer-reviewed articles, book chapters and guidelines.
  • President of a European Esophagus Research Association (EUREOS).

Will van den Tweel, Ph.D

Head of Commercial Development
  • Ph.D in Industrial Microbiology.
  • 30 years of experience in leading international innovation projects, business management and client relationship at DSM.
  • Ex-CEO Reverdia BV.
  • Managed projects at chief responsibility levels with over 50 persons and multiple 10’s of millions of €
Anne Niemel
EoE Ambassador
  • Is proactive in finding solutions that help her manage her inflammatory esophagus condition Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE).
  • benesco™ helps her manage EoE and as ambassador she is reaching out to other sufferers.
  • Founder EoEFood, blog author and community manager.

What keeps Epinutra busy

The healthcare world moves fast. Epinutra is at the forefront of this movement, constantly looking for better ways to support health of the esophagus and beyond, with natural nutraceuticals.

We’re also working hard on expanding to more countries, making benesco™ available to as many customers as possible.

To get a closer glimpse of what we’ve been up-to over the past 2 years, have a look at our “News” section below.


January 2022

Our discovery technology was published in Frontiers in Pharmacology.

December 2021

Revised benesco™ is launched: smaller lozenge, same soothing properties, tooth-friendly, sugar-free and 100% nature-derived. Spot the new packaging! Available February 2022.

October 2021

EIT Food Venture Summit in Malaga

Great to be present live and explain benesco™ with a felt esophagus.

June 2021

EIT Food Accelerator Network (FAN)

Very happy to be selected for the EIT FAN 2021. This is a great support for us to achieve our next goals!

November 2020
EIT Food Venture Summit

Delighted to be selected to tell Epinutra’s story in our pitch at @EIT-Food’s virtual #VentureSummit20 (17-18 Nov):

August 2020
EIT Food Investment

Great news to receive the investment from “EIT food Covid-19 Bridge Fund”. Support to start our clinical trial and accelerate benesco™ roll-out!

May 2020

Big thanks again to StartLife on taking a look at where we come from and where we want to go.

April 2020

Thanks to the investment by Rabobank, benesco™ launch in the Netherlands can now go ahead!

Spring 2019

We graduated from the StartLife Accelerate Program and our connection continues – we thank them for their confidence and financial backing (totaling 85k€).